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Date Incident Place
April 20 Dr. Meera Mohideen, VOG attached to the Vavuniya hospital was gunned down at his residence by unidentified gunmen Vavuniya
April 05 Director of the Kalladi Police Training School – Superintendent of Police H.L. Jamaldeen was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Maruthamunai. Maruthamunai, Kalmunai, Ampara District
March 10 Suicide blast at the National Meelad Day ceremony killed at least 14 people and 38 others injured including few Ministers. Godapitiya, Akuressa
October 16 Two Muslim farmers and two Tamil farmers shot dead. Vammiyadikkulam in Vattamadu, Akkaraipattu
October 06 UNP’s North-Central provincial council member Mr. Annoordeen (Attorney at law) and another lawyer Mr. Hameed, his wife and Sirasa Anuradhapura correspondent, Maharoof Mohammed Rashmi (31) were killed in a suicide attack in Anuradhapura that claimed 27 lives. Anuradhapura Town
September 28 An innocent Muslim youth Mohamed Nizar was gunned down at a checkpoint in Palliyagodella allegedly by drunken home guards. Palliyagodella, Medirigiriya
September 24 A Muslim businessman S.P. Ansar (56) was killed by two unidentified men, travelling on a motorbike, who have shot at Mr. Ansar near an ice plant in the Hambantota area and fled from the scene. Hambantota
September 18 Aliyar Mohamed Saleem (30), a father of three from Ulla 19, Pottuvil died in the Moneragala prison alleged to have been subjected to torture by prison guards. Six others were arrested with him on 20th August 2008 in Moneragala in the Atthimalai Jungle when they were engaged in cutting firewood for their livelihood. Moneragala
August 23 A group of Muslim firewood sellers were shot at allegedly by a uniformed gang near Iqbal Nagar. Three died and two were critically injured as a result. Periyakulam, Iqbal Nagar, Kuchaveli, Trincomalee
November 10 A Muslim NGO worker, Mr. Jamaldeen Gowthu was brutally assaulted and shot dead by the LTTE. Cheddikulam, Vavuniya
September 18 Pottuvil Massacre – Ten innocent Muslim workers were hacked to death. One survived and Pottuvil people blame the STF for the incident although it was reported that this sole survivor told a Muslim Cabinet Minister that the LTTE were behind the attacks. A magisterial inquiry is yet to take place. Pothuvil, Ampara
August 03 Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims from Muthur and Thoppur areas by LTTE. Muthur and Thoppur areas in Trincomalee district.
November 30 A.L.M. Faleel, young and experienced Secretary of Kaathankudy was shot at whilst getting ready to go for Friday Jummah prayers from office. Kaathankudy
February 22 Signing of Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) between Government of Sri Lanka and LTTE facilitated by the Norwegian Government
October 03 An LTTE bomb kills parliamentary candidate Mohammed Baithullah and more than twenty other Muslims in Muttur. At least 49 others were injured. Muthur, Trincomalee
January 02 Mannar GA (Government Agent) Mr. M.M. Makbool (the first ever Muslim GA in Mannar) was killed by landmine planted by LTTE Mannar
December 26 Deputy GA for Muslim areas in Oddamavadi, Batticaloa Mr. V. Ahamad and Mr. Muhaideen, Attorney at Law were killed in a landmine attack by LTTE Batticaloa
October 15 Palliyagodella Genocide – LTTE attacked a Muslim village and shot and hacked to death 182 civilians (171 of them were Muslims), twelve policemen and eight soldiers; 83 others were injured Palliyagodella Polonnaruwa
September 01 A powerful time bomb planted in the box of an ice cream seller by the LTTE exploded in the Sainthamaruthu market place killing 35 innocent civilians and injuring 45. Sainthamarathu, Kalmunai, Ampara
July 21 LTTE stopped a train, ordered the passengers to get down and opened fire at the Muslim passengers: seven Muslims were killed and four Muslims were injured. Parangiyamadu, Batticaloa
July 15 LTTE attacked a civilian bus proceeding from Kathankudy towards Kalmunai, killing 19 Muslims and injuring seven. Kirankulam, Batticaloa
April 29 LTTE attacked the Alinchipothana village, killing 56 Muslims and injuring 15 Alinchipothana, Polonnaruwa
October 24 LTTE who were in ambush, fired at a civilian van killing three Tamils and three Muslims. Iqbal Nagar
September 19 LTTE attacked a Muslim village, killing 13 Muslims and injuring six others Palliyagodella, Polonnaruwa
August 08 Six Muslim farmers killed by LTTE. Sammanthurai
July 06 LTTE cut to death nine Muslims and moved towards the Mahaweli river bank and cut to death another eight persons, injuring four others. One of the injured succumbed to his injuries. Total killed: 16 Muslims and two Sinhalese Pudur, Jaffna
May 19 LTTE attacked five Muslims and two Sinhalese persons, whilst they were returning from the paddy-field, killing six persons and injuring one Erakkamam, Ampara
May 19 LTTE fired on a group of Muslims who were returning from the paddy-field in a tractor; nine Muslims were killed and two injured Sammanthurai, Ampara
March 24 Bomb explosion carried out by LTTE at Fish Market Akkaraipattu, killing nine Muslims and injuring 32 others Akkaraipattu
October 22 Ethnic Cleansing of Northern Muslims – The LTTE expelled, within 48 hours, around 100,000 Muslims living under their control Northern districts of SL (Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaittivu, Mannar)
October 11 LTTE shot dead nine Muslims Arugambay, Ampara
September 21 LTTE attacked the village killing 15 Muslims and injuring eleven Pudukudiyirippu Ampara
September 13 LTTE hacked to death seven Muslim civilians and injured one Poonani, Batticaloa
August 13 A Muslim village adjoining a Sinhalese village was attacked by LTTE; nine Muslims and one Sinhalese were killed. Three others were injured Awarantalawa Vavuniya
August 12 LTTE attacked Div. 3 & 6, Eravur, killing 116 Muslims and injuring 20 others Eravur, Batticaloa
August 12 Four farmers who were working in the paddy fields in Sammanthurai were killed by the LTTE. Sammanthurai, Ampara
August 06 LTTE killed 33 Muslim farmers working in a paddy-field. Ampara
August 05 LTTE killed 17 Muslim farmers working in a paddy-field. Mulliyankadu, Ampara
August 03 Kathankudy Mosque Genocide – 4 incidents
Killing of 147 Muslim men and boys in 4 mosques in Kathankudy by LTTE on August 4, 1990. Around 30 LTTE cadres raided four mosques in Kathankudy, where over 300 people were prostrate in Isha prayers.
Kathankudy, Batticaloa (Meera Jumma, Husseinia, Majid-Jul-Noor and Fowzie Mosques)
August 01 Eight Muslims were shot to death at Akkaraipattu town Akkaraipattu, Ampara
July 23 LTTE killed eight persons, thought to be Muslims and hanged them on trees Veeracholai, Batticaloa
July 23 5 Muslims who were staying in the Jariya Mosque in Sammanthurai were killed by the LTTE and three others were injured. Sammanthurai
July 19 Muslim passengers were abducted and killed at Ampilanthurai Ampilanthurai , Batticaloa
July 14 69 Muslims who were on their way back from Haj pilgrimage were kidnapped and killed by the LTTE at Onthachimadam. Onthachimadam, Batticaloa
July 11 Over 400 unarmed police officers were shot dead by the LTTE in Police Stations across eastern Sri Lanka; 22 of them were Muslims Eastern Province
July 07 17 Muslims were killed at Puthur, a border Muslim village in Polonnaruwa. Puthur, Polonnaruwa
July 03 U.L. Dawood, member of Citizen Committee of the Batticaloa District, and the Cluster Principal of Alighar Central school, Eravur, Al Haj M.L.A. Gafoor JP and Quazi and his father in law U.L. Ali Mohamed were kidnapped and killed by armed LTTE cadres. Batticaloa
July 02 14 farmers were shot and hacked to death at Akkaraipatttu. Akkaraipattu, Ampara
June 29 6 Muslims including the chief Trustee of the Hijar Mosque, Oddamavadi were killed by th LTTE. Oddamavadi, Batticaloa
January 30 M.Y.M. Mansoor, SLMC provincial councilor of North east Provincial Council was shot by the LTTE and later his corpse was removed from the Kalmunai General Hospital by the LTTE. The LTTE also killed five Muslim patients in a private hospital and abducted 10 people, including a doctor on the same day. Ampara
January 17 39 Muslim Police Officers were shot dead in attacks carried out in Police stations all over Kalmunai, Sammanthurai, Kaaraitheevu, Pottuvil, Akkaraipattu with the aid of Indian military Ampara District
November 13 Former MP for Muttur and Deputy Minister M.A. Abdul Majeed was shot dead at his home in Kinniya.Courtesy PSM
Kinniya, Trincomalee

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