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British Education and Career Suicide

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Omar Mohammed
The notion of adding a qualification such as an ACMA, BA, MBA, PHD after ones name and adding an Al HAJ before the name has been the latest craze amongst the Muslims living in Sri Lanka. Education is sought after not for knowledge but merely for economic gains, prestige and status. This is absolutely against the Islamic view.

The British qualification has gained much prominence in our society but the Ummah fails to realize the underling agenda behind the British educational system .

The underling agenda behind the British Educational system has two aspects. One is to spread the ideology and create a master, slave relationship. The second is for monetary gains from the British perspective.

Britain has once again reshuffled its immigration rules and policies and made it extremely difficult for the less fortunate to study in Britain by reducing the number of working hours for students and increasing the fees and introducing stringent visa rules. The recent changes have been beneficial to Britain as she could now more effectively target the entire market segments as well as control the inflow of immigrants.

Britain has segmented the overseas student market in to four categories

Platinum ( Internal University Students)

Gold ( External University Students but Studying in Colleges in UK)

Silver (External University students studying in University branches in countries like Malaysia)

Bronze ( External University students studying in their respective countries in institutions)

This segmentation has allowed Britain to effectively control the market to spread its ideology and gain monetarily rather than loose out to unwanted asylum seekers.

Those that fall in the platinum class are the super rich and power full, most likely to be the ruling class, are very unlikely to claim permanent residency in Britain and have much to loose out if they do. They hardly work while in Britain and are molded first hand to British values. This category is the champions of the Capitalistic Ideology and the western way of thinking.

The gold segment is the upper middle class that have a sufficient say and status in their resident country they envy those in the above class and are also molded through proxies as a percentage is most likely to hold senior positions.

The silver class is the lower middle class struggling with the economic burdens and striving to join the upper middle class, likely to be immigrants. This class is handled out side Britain as this group will be the future middle line managers

The bronze class is the upper amongst the lower class and those most likely to be immigrants. This category is fed the ideology in their own country using the previous gold and silver class students.

Each segment is fed the ideology according to the stature they hold, but little do they realize that they have paid and gained a piece of paper which gives them a few letters to add to their name which they proudly display but in reality they have achieved a comprehensive training in their field of study to defend their masters ideology.

Sri Lanka like all third world countries hold in common is the fact that to come up in life or carrier it depends on the stature and connections of the family. Education is of course important but very unlikely to get you far if you haven’t made that connection by going to an affluent school or come from a well connected family.

As Muslims most of our families are businessmen, economic hardship and status has led us to gain a foothold on a professional carrier. Though few have been successful most have been unable to secure a good job. The reason being that education, connection and personality goes hand in hand in third world countries.

Eg A student from a low middle class family who falls under the Bronze category, even though he holds a foreign degree or professional qualification would be less likely to have a career advancement as he or she lacks the ability to walk into a five star hotel and have a coffee which would come as a natural thing to those that fall under the other categories such as platinum, gold or silver. So he is less likely to get promoted when there is a vacancy as his superiors will find him ineffective and not being able to entertain a foreign principle.

Muslims have an Islamic Culture we don’t party all night or spend our time drinking or even in coffee shops, the majority is close knit and family oriented with large families and single income earners. We sell our assets to get a better education hoping to recoup it back later. The majority of the Muslims fall in the silver and lower class according to the new British Structure. The current policy aims to keep us out of Britain but to keep feeding us the ideology and scrounging off our wealth.

We struggle to come up in our career life because we try to make a living joining these multinational companies. Little do we realize that we lack the know how to drink coffee in a five star hotel, or to be comfortable in Casinos, Karaoke’s, Bars, Strip Clubs, Gentlemen’s Clubs etc. In the current system it is important to be able to entertain principles to have a career progress. This inability is not due to the lack of ability but due to the clash of the Islamic and Capitalistic System.

We should not fall into the trap by leaving our family business and blindly peeing in the wind. Instead we have to use the tools we accrued through this education to push our businesses to the modern world and be the pillars of tomorrow and break away from the set system and make those we depend on be dependent on us.

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September 18, 2011 at 10:59 am

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  1. A good article.i am also in London.I have been struggling to eat is not a good country for students at all. In London,our brothers don’t have help mind and all are think about their pocket.if they smile with you, they expect a benefit.


    October 1, 2011 at 5:36 pm

  2. A very interesting article, it shows a true pict.., I also gree with the articles key idea, a well written article by Omar Mohammed, May Allah Swt enlighten your deep thinking

    You also might like this “10 Myths about British Education – A Sri Lankan View”

    The Link is

    Abu Abdul Ahadh

    Abu Abdul Ahadh

    October 3, 2011 at 5:31 am

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