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REALITIES BEHIND THE RECENT ANTI MUSLIM PROPAGANDA..! A message to fellow Sinhala Budhists in Sri Lanka!!

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The recent anti Muslim campaign in many part of the Island by protests over Mosques and Dharhas of historical importance has created a kind of fear psychosis and uncertainty among the Muslims of this Island nation. The Muslims firmly believe that the vast majority of Sinhala Budhists are well aware of the fact that the Muslims of Sri Lanka are  peace loving and patriotic citizens of this Country with a their  peaceful coexistence well rooted in the ancient history of this Island as recorded in Mahavansa and Chulavangsa as well as recorded recent history of Sri Lanka.

We are proud to be Sri Lankans living amidst vast majority of decent Sinhala Budhists who uphold the values of Compassion, Mercy and reject hatred and violence set of noble human values made them accommodate people of other faiths which lead to the maximum level of religious tolerance and peaceful co-existence for centuries.

Even though the advent of the final version of Islam in Arabian peninsula occurred in the year 627 AD the Arab presence has been very well recorded in the ancient history of Srilanka dated back to 300 AD since the Arabs the followers of revealed books believed that the first Human being and the Prophet of Al-Mighty Allah landed in Adams Peak of Mountain Peedurudalagala and maintained their presence in this Island throughout.

The Muslims of Sri lanka did not come as conquerors to this Island or Invading colonial powers similarly Islam did not spread in this country by the power of sword as Christianity did at the hands of colonialist invaders.

Muslims of Sri lanka displayed their faith and loyalty to the rulers of this Island nation from ancient times of emperors and kings in defending the unity sovereignty of this country until we gained independence standing shoulder by shoulder with the of people of this country; the recent history in post independence Sri lanka records no betrayal of the Muslims of Sri lanka to successive elected governments  in defending the unity integrity and sovereignty of their mother land amidst challenges to their own existence and security in many part of this Island.

As proud citizens of this country we, Muslims believe that we could win-over our rights through peaceful means with other communities in the centre and the regions upholding our traditional values religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence, we never felt the need for resorting to violent means or entering into collision course even at the height of terrorist attacks and ethnic cleansing and massacres during the last two decades of separatist war.

The entire nation bears witness that the Muslims in Sri Lanka never sought the support of any foreign interference neither through legal channels nor illegal means which outcast the claim of few media plus so-called foreign intelligence reports warning Lankan authorities over possible presence of Al-Qaida, Thaliban or other entities such as Lashkar e Thaibah since We, the Muslims in this country believe that we able to find solutions to our grievances through means.

There is an allegation that Muslims have formed communal political parties and demanding from the centre a separate Muslim Unit to be ruled by Islamic Shariah, this claim could not be even viewed as misconception but a deliberate wrong interpretation given by racist groups to mislead the masses. It was very unfortunate that a political culture based on ethnic orientations was an inalienable factor ever since the Independence based on the ethnic conflict a culture that did not exclude the Muslims from rising up to occasions.

Muslims of Sri Lanka as part of Greater Muslim World in faith  are well aware of the fact that enemies of the Islamic world  being very much disturbed by the fastest growing Islamic faith in contemporary world as global power mobilizing their campaign to market anti Muslim slogans such as “Islamic extremism”, “Fundamentalism”, “Islamic Jihad” , “Al Qaida”, “Thaliban” so on and so forth in this country too to justify their presence against the will of the majority of this tiny nation.

The geopolitical scenario and the geological position of Sri Lanka in the Indian ocean bordering a chain of Muslim nations has become an strategically important for the imperial west and their agents to safeguard their interests in the region at any cost, especially in post war Sri lanka in the face of growing Chinese and Indian influence in the Island.

With Islamic world growing faster beyond any calculated measures as a decisive power block amidst growing imperialistic and Zionist conspiracies, We believe that our Motherland would enjoy a dignified status co in the Muslim world for her continuous solidarity for the Islamic World on vital issues and specially the Palestinian cause even at difficult times; and the decent majority would not allow any regional and global conspiring forces to strain the cordial bonds of Sri Lanka with Arab Muslim World.

We, Muslims of Sri lanka are also aware of the fact that the Present government headed by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakshe not only gained a military victory over separatist war in Sri lanka but managed to emerge victorious out of a diplomatic struggle with Imperial West and regional powers; a diplomatic setback or debacle which made the West to exploit the War crimes allegations and HR issues to wage fresh diplomatic struggle to increase their influence in the region aiming a complete surrender of MR regime by buying over internal elements.

Thus other communities in Sri Lanka could be rest assured that:

The Muslims of Sri Lanka would never fall victims for any kind of local or global conspiracies to enter into a collision course with them,

We have no hidden agenda of resorting to violent means to achieve our socio political objectives as well as religious aspirations.

 We will continue to uphold the values of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence as we did throughout the History of this nation.

We reject claims by certain section of the media and alien intelligence reports that there is possibility of Islamic Jihad ,Al-Qaida or Thaliban gaining ground within the fabric of the moderate Sri Lankan Muslim community.

We will continue to uphold the Unity, integrity and sovereignty of this country as we did throughout our history.

We confident that the vast majority of Sinhala Budhists as well as Mahasanga are not answerable to the anti-Muslim propaganda and protests carried out by very insignificant elements with vested political and material interests.

We are aware of the fact that there are elements well connected with regional and global powers aiming to destabilize this country to serve the interests of their masters at the cost of national interests peace and harmony.

We have no external masters to serve at the cost of the national interests, peace harmony and socio economic well-being of this island nation.

We are committed to and never dream of anything beyond a peaceful negotiated settlement for the ethnic problem that satisfies the aspirations of all the communities in this country.

 Muslims of Sri Lanka will remain patriotic to our Mother land and stand up against all the challenges that threatens the unity, integrity and sovereignty of United Sri Lanka.

Last but not the least we appeal to the Mahasanga and Intellectuals of Sri Lankan Sinhala Budhist community to warn fellow masses of all communities not to fall victims to any local or regional and global conspiracies to create disharmony and chaos among Sri Lankans employing various evil elements and tactics at the cost of our national interests.

Let us never allow evil elements to conquer the decent majority of this Island Nation!

United we stand and Divided we fall..!!



17th March 2012

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June 17, 2012 at 7:38 pm

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