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Free University Education to be stopped

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By M.Omar
With the economy dwindling and Sri Lanka trying to move away from being a third world country, Sri Lanka needs to revamp its educational policy and progress from being a “Welfare State’. One of the key changes that need to take place is to change the free university educational policy. This might come as a shock to some but stopping this would only be beneficial to all

Sri Lankan universities today generate low caliber graduates, who not only get a free education on tax payer’s money but in return have nothing to offer those who paid for their education. They either cripple the country with their demand for free jobs or cause havoc with their strikes.

The reason the degree takes so long to complete is because the university doesn’t care to change its policy as its administration get paid either way. The government is afraid they need to provide employment to the graduates so the more time they spend at the university the less worry it is to them.

This is all completely wrong, to get the best out of both, the government should take immediate action to change its policy on free university education. The universities should be semi privatized so that the universities will no longer be supported financially by the government.

Universities will be pressed into being profitable organization cutting cost where possible and reducing the length of courses to be profitable. Attracting proficient lectures to be the most sort after universities. Altering their policies to accommodate overseas students, introducing currently demanded courses.  Also providing cooperate short course and working arms in gloves with the private and government sector.

Increase in demand leads to the creation of increase in profit, and to increase demand the caliber of the potential student should increase.

Things will fall into place systematically all what the government has to do is monitor it to make sure that the universities still adhere to the guide lines.

On the other hand the government should provide loans (Interest free) to the less fortunate university entrants to cover their cost of studies so that they are not affected. Once the students know they are paying for their education they will demand for what they pay for. This is the law of nature.

The governments can adopt various methods to recover the loans. One such step is to provide the undergraduates who have taken educational loans upon completion of their degree with duplicate certificates or result sheets. This duplicate certificates can be verified by employers directly form the education department so the graduates will not be penalized because of their loans.

The undergraduates will be given a time frame within which they will have to pay off their loans and recover the original certificates. Extensions will be given on extreme conditions.

It will stop those from migrating after taking advantage of the free education, as they will not get their certificates until they have paid off their loans. They could go abroad but to collect the original certificates they should pay off their loans within the specified time period..

As for those who think the government should provide them with government sector jobs the government can take steps to reduce the loan installments from their wages directly as soon as they take up government sector employment.

This will not only bring down the cost of government expenditure on education but will also increase the quality of the education as they will have to keep up with the private sector.

The undergraduates will also know that nothing is free; you have to pay for your studies. It is about time we bring a change in policy and attitude. Nothing is free in this world and we should groom our undergraduates to think alike.

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December 3, 2011 at 11:40 am

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