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Thugs kill Police officer and cause civil unrest in Puttalam

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Omar Mohammed Grease Yakka has been wide publicized, creating fear and panic amongst all. Rumors have been circulating that the police are also part of this, when residents of Manal Gunru, Puttalam chased an identified man who was lingering in the vicinity. The police on duty had to fire into the air to save this man. Residents claim the police fired in the air and then at the public, this incident led to the injury of five people including a 13 year old child. .

Thugs taking matters into their own hands under the perception of protecting the community against the police and the Grease Yakka attacked two police officers around 8.00 pm on Sunday at the Puttalam town after another Grease Yakka incident was reported.

One of the officers managed to escape but 28 year old W.Navaratne Bandara attached to the Puttalam police traffic branch, was seriously injured and scrummed to his injuries.  The deceased motor cycle was torched followed by a senior Navy officer’s car and his backup vehicle being attacked. The STF had to be called in to take control of the Puttalam town.

These thugs have destroyed a family a society and a nation. These criminals should learn that matters cannot be taken into their hands. Even if they are being victims of police brutality they should follow the right channels to make sure justice is served. What they did is not justifiable under any situation. This is not what Islam has taught us. The crime of these Thugs has tarnished the image of our society that many worked for years to change.

But what is refreshing, is to see that our leaders for the first time did not let this low lives get an upper hand. Our leaders at All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ullama (ACJU), Mosque federations in Ampara, Batticalao, Trincomalee, Kurunagala, Kandy and Puttlam, politician and Western Provincial Governor Alavi Maulana, youth leaders, all gave their 100% that is required to bring these culprits to justice.

They opened up to bring other community leaders into our yard, discussed with the police, gave details, informed the public to come forward to give evidence, discussed with Secretary of Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Air Marshal Roshan Goonatilake, Tri-Forces Commanders, Inspector General of Police N. K Illangakoon, Director General MCNS Mr. Laxman Hulugalle and other senior officials.

They have done their best to show transparency. This will never bring back a lost life but they have tried to make sure justice is served. They have urged every Muslim family in   Puttalam to raise a white flag to show their condolences. It was heart warming to see how Muslims showed their solidarity by raising the white flags, visiting the funeral of the deceased and collecting Rs 500,000 which will be handed over to deceased’s wife.

Muslims in Puttalam have tried to show that like all Sri Lankan’s they too want to build up a law abiding society to be free of racism and have peace and prosperity.

In this testing times all communities stand shoulder to shoulder to make sure the culprits are brought to justice and the peace in the country is not debilitated by thugs or racist groups whose only interest is to cause civil unrest and once again take this country back to the dark ages.,

Bear in mind we owe nothing to these murderers they have killed a police officer who was our guest, in our yard, policing our community. They have tarnished our image brought disrepute to us, made it harder for us to carry the message of Islam, destroyed what we worked and stand for.

It is time we all got our acts together and put an end to this menace once and for all. It is the time we show the non Muslims what true Islam is all about and show this family that these thugs do not represent our community. They have no place in our community, our nation or our country. We may be of different ethnicity, religion and culture but today and always we stand together as one against injustice.

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August 24, 2011 at 12:50 am

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