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Muslims at Crossroads

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Omar Mohammed Muslim community in Sri Lanka has reached cross roads. The road they choose will define their fate. Will they lead the business community of Sri Lanka or will they fade off to be history.

We cannot blame others for our failures and for our declining knowledge of today’s business world or for the government for closing down the loop holes in the system. The Muslims have always stuck to the traditional business style, not adapting to the changes in the way business is done.

When an economy prospers under a capitalistic system the small players are pushed out by multinational corporations. This can be seen in countries like Britain where chain super markets like Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda have replaced the small grocery stores and fashion chains like Next, Gap, Baron Jon have replaced the traditional textile stores. If we do not move forward by focusing on the niche markets or creating this giant stores soon we shall be history.

The same is taking place in Sri Lanka as the economy grows and capitalism is making grounds the small timers are pushed out by bigger business. Soon we will see large public companies replacing even the bigger stores. To be a step further we should be knowledgably about the economic system in order to be the driver of this economy. We should be able to do better than most as business runs in every vein of our body.

What is pitiable is that our community cannot identify the changes that are taking place and are trying to cling on to what ever they can cling on to. Due to this our culture is changing fast. Our women are faced to take up jobs to keep the kitchen fires burning. This in return has raised more issues with women finding their new found freedom are challenging their stereotype husbands, increasing divorce rates and declining birth rates as more and more families are putting off having kids.

When we selected the capitalistic economic system over the Islamic Economic System little did we do to stay ahead of the game. We are disintegrated and wait till our peer falls to take over his business share. Our business minds are polluted with every crooked method. We try to make a quick income, lying through our teeth to make a sale and cheating every law in the book to be profitable. If we put all this energy into actually being ahead lawfully we would be more successful. Success of our community depends on the changes that we adopt, be it staying a head of the capitalistic game or replacing it with an Islamic economic system.

Business today is not about injecting a capital buying goods and selling them, it is about market research, understanding the customer’s needs, creating barriers to entry, introducing new products, being strong enough to change government policies and etc.

With every business we are doing, or planning to do, to stay ahead we need to understand the basics. So we need to get back to our books to understand the capitalistic style and to get back to the Quran and Sunnah to under stand the Islamic style.

Little can be done without knowledge

There are few businessman who have managed to stay ahead of the game to name a few Edinburgh Foods, Norfolk Foods, Hameedias, No limit , Fashion Bug etc.

True success will only be reaped in this world and the hereafter when we introduce the Islamic economic system but for now we need to learn the capitalistic method to stay in business.


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August 21, 2011 at 11:12 am

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