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America Intelligence reports that LTTE is Re grouping

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Omar Mohammed United States department of state on Thursday the 18th released information that it has received credible intelligence that the LTTE is re grouping and has stepped up its fund collection operations in Europe, America and Australia. In the mean time the Sri Lankan government has also stepped up it activities to combat money laundering and terrorist funding globally.

With the military defeat and thirty years of set back of the Tamil community it is very unlikely that the LTTE sympathizers will follow the same strategy the late LTTE leader followed.  But one thing is for sure the increased financial crimes committed by the Tamil gangs abroad and the renewed violence committed by the Tamils in the recently liberated areas shows an increase in confidence. They are preparing a comeback but probably with a different plan.

Sri Lanka will be facing threats like this over the coming decades until the first generation Tamils migrants (those who migrated from Sri Lanka) cease to exist. The second and third generations (Born abroad) no longer have the time or emotions to think about Sri Lanka. They believe they are westerners and don’t wish to associate themselves with Sri Lanka. They have already sunk into the clutches of the Capitalistic Ideology and like to distance themselves from Sri Lanka or of the Tamil cause and have lost the Tamil culture and many can no longer speak Tamil.

The pulse of the Tamil Diaspora (First generation) at the moment is collectively beating not for a separate state but for revenge. They feel resentment, shame at the humiliating loss they suffered. They partially blame themselves for not putting enough effort to save their leader during the final stage of the war.

Credible information has been received from our overseas correspondents that the collectors are stroking the emotions of the Tamil Diaspora by claiming the reason for the funds is to bring the human rights violators during the final phase of the war to justice and push the UN to take action against “The Defense Secretary” and “The President”. The first generation believes that it is their responsibility and therefore have to contribute to this cause.

On the other hand what the Americans or British want is a strong reason to use as a foot hold to unfold their strategic plan in order intimidate Sri Lanka into submission. They are loosing their foothold in South East Asia and Sri Lanka is of utmost strategic importance to them in order to create a breathing space for their current alliance India and to curb the regional power and immerging super power of China. Not to mention to control the trade routes.

The Americans are worried about the Chinese influence in Sri Lanka. The Chinese already have controlling stakes of the Hambantota harbor, Hambantota Airport, Noracholai power Plant etc

The Sri Lankan government is lucky that America is the “Sick man of the world” with the British following suite, if not for the financial crisis and their current engagement in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq war. Sri Lanka would have found them breathing further down their neck further.

Sri Lanka needs to win the hearts and minds of the Tamils to put a final full stop on this war.

The first step towards this is to address “Official Racism”


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August 20, 2011 at 1:36 pm

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