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Develop the country with us not without us

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Omar Mohammed For three decades we fought a war that drained our economy, destroyed our lives and saw the educated and talented leave this beautiful Island. The country nearly lost half of its size, which to some was a freedom struggle and to others a terrorist takeover. All communities suffered but did we learn our lesson? This war was started by these racist politicians, who had no integrity, self respect or discipline.

The war came to an end with a heavy price. All communities were united again. Things were getting back to normal with everyone pitching in to erase the bad memories of the war. But now we are experiencing a new kind of takeover. This is not to our own home bred terrorist but to international terrorist. Who are buying or taking over lands giving us petite handouts and false promises to strengthen their influence in South East Asia. These international terrorist are systematically moving us out from the towns and prime strategic locations into the villages.

One might say shopping malls, condominiums, casinos etc are being put up. Our cities are being developed at a rapid pace. Is this the development we want? We shall be the slaves again, working for a minimum wage, running overtime to keep our kitchen fires burning struggling to keep up with increasing cost of living.

I might have no vehicles or a flat in a high rise building but I could afford to walk down the street proud to say this is my land I belong here and I am part of it. Yes Colombo will not be Singapore, Paris or London but Colombo, our Colombo. The country would have paddy fields, local shops, payment hawkers but it will make us feel at home. Rubbing shoulders with our brother and the country will be developing with us not without us.

Soon we shall see expensive building, posh cars and foreigners in our cities. Not to mention, casinos, prostitutes, topless beaches, and the disgusting western culture. We would once again loose the smile that we would get by helping our elders carry there heavy luggage or greeting each other round the corner. We will loose Sri Lanka to the stuck up “Kalu Sudas” who calls himself Sri Lankan but is ashamed to speak in Sinhala or Tamil.

The cities will be developed but we wont, we want be part of it as we can’t afford to live in the cities any more. This country will be a Chinese agent with more Chinese roaming the cities. The sovereignty of our country will be raped by the Chinese and the Indians not to mention the Americans.

We got independence from the British to be almost taken over by the LTTE, and now we are giving our country on a platter to the Chinese. When are we going to learn what true development is all about.

Develop the country with us not without us”. This is what true development is all about. If not you want have a Sri Lanka but a Chini Lanka.


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August 19, 2011 at 6:57 am

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