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Social service programs from Muslim Aid

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Mohammed Naalir : The Sri Lankan Office of Muslim Aid plans to conduct various social service programs including awareness campaigns for people living below the poverty line, A.C. Faizer Khan, Country Director, Muslim Aid said.

He said that they will be motivated towards self-employment including home gardening. The ifthar (breaking fast) program will be used to meet the people and learn of their livelihood problems. Addressing the media at Muslim Aid’s office in Colombo, Khan said since inception, Muslim Aid has been providing various services to the people who live below the poverty line, orphans etc.

It especially focuses attention on sections such as child health, educational activities, social and emotional development, extra-curricular activities such as sports, support for families such as inclusion in economic empowerment programs and the chance to benefit from other Muslim Aid programs such as Ramadan and Qurbani.

With a view to achieving livelihood development and economically empowering the receiver of zakath, Muslim Aid recently worked out a program to utilise zakath collections in a more productive way. The recipients will be encouraged to use zakath monies on income generating activities which would lead them to become zakath payers within a year or two instead of continuing to be a recipient, the Country Director said.

He called upon the public to contribute zakath or Sadaqa to any project of their choice. “Whether by giving a community access to water, empowering destitute women through income generating activities, providing sustainable livelihood support for underprivileged families or educating orphans or destitute children”.-sundayobserver


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