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Iran Pledges More Assistance on Sri Lanka

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Iran Government agrees to help Sri Lanka in rural electricity projects, rural water supply projects and road and railway development projects.

An Iranian Government top minister who met Sri Lanka’s Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa said that Iran will extend its fullest cooperation to improve the living conditions of the poor people and increase its funds to rural electrification projects and water supply projects.

This was revealed at a meeting taken place between Minister Rajapaksa and Seyyed Amir Mansour Borghai, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs & the Acting Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the Economic development Ministry on Thursday.

At the discussion two ministers agreed to provide all facilities to improve tourism between the two countries. Iranian tourist arrival to Sri Lanka had increased remarkably after the end of the internal conflict in Sri Lanka. Iranian Minister said that Iranian government will see all the possibilities of increasing air travel between two countries and providing other facilities to improve the tourism.

Minister Basil Rajapaksa thanked the Iranian Government for the assistance it has given to the people after the Tsunami and during the time of humanitarian operation. Iranian Government had provided funds to built 70 houses for Tsunami and conflict affected people in the eastern province. Minister also thanked the Iranian Government for the cooperation it had extended to the Sri Lanka people and the government when Sri Lanka was facing mounting pressure from some international groups and agencies.

Iran has helped funding a number of development projects in Sri Lanka. In April 2008, Iran began work in several infrastructure development projects in Sri Lanka, all part of a $1.5 billion loan to the South Asian Island. These projects included doubling the oil refinery capacity of Sri Lanka’s Sapugaskanda refinery as well as creating a 100-megawatt hydropower project and irrigation plan in Uma Oya.

In June 2009, the country signed a $106 million agreement with an Iranian firm to provide electricity to roughly 1,000 villages in Sri Lanka. In 2010 they agreed to post USD 450-500 million for the Uma Oya Multipurpose Development Project, a 90-100 megawatt hydroelectric power plant around the Central Province.

Two ministers reviewed the bilateral relationship between the two countries and discussed the ways and means to further improve economic cooperation between the two countries.

Iran and Sri Lanka enjoy ample opportunities and capacities for promoting the level of their ties and relations. Sri Lanka and Iran have been developing increasingly friendly bilateral relations in recent years. Beyond joint statements in support of global nuclear non-proliferation, the two countries have also recently agreed on a number of bilateral economic aid and development agreements.


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