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The government doesn’t have relocation policy: Imelda Sugumar

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Jaffna district Divisional Secretary Mrs. Imelda Sugumar said in an interview that  the government dos not have relocation   policy  to relocate jaffna muslim IDPs. Imelda Sugumar differentiates  relocation from the government  resettlement program.

She   said Tamil IDPs going back to their original places to resettle, they did not face  land problem because they are coming back in a short period of time but Muslims are in different problem, they are coming back after 20 years to their original places, their one family after 20 years had  Grown  into several  families , when they were in jaffna most of them  had been lived in 4 to 6 perch land, those lands now  could not be shared  by  Grown families

so they demand new lands for resettilment but we could not provide them without the government’s instruction , the government doesn’t have relocation  policy  she said.

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One of Jaffna Muslim streets




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