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SC informs AG to look into postponing leadership program

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The Supreme Court has informed the Attorney General to look into the possibility of postponing the leadership training program for university students for 07 days.

The program targeted at new students receiving university entrance is scheduled to commence on June 23.Supreme Court Judge Bench headed by Justice K. Shripavan had informed of this to the AG when the petition, filed by the Students’ Movement for Human Rights, challenging the training program was taken up today (May 20)

This arbitrarily implemented course is prejudiced against university students, the attorney representing the petitioner expressed to court.Therefore he requested that the Supreme Court issue interim order suspending the said course. The government attorney representing the Attorney General strongly objected to this emphasizing that all necessary preparations have been made to commence the program.

Suspending the program would result in losses for the government, he pointed out.The three-member Judge Bench then informed the AG to look into the possibility of postponing the training program for 07 days and to take the nessesery steps. The petition will be taken up for hearing again on May 24, as directed by the Supreme Court. -adaderana


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May 20, 2011 at 8:04 pm

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