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Alert on earthquakes within 5 minutes

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Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has said that people should not have an unwanted apprehension about a tsunami, as the Ministry of Disaster Management has a streamline mechanism to inform the people if there is any such danger.

He has said that the Disaster Management Centre and the Met Department are in readiness round the clock to inform about such situations. More than 50 tsunami warning towers have been erected throughout the country

The Minister addressing a media conference in Colombo yesterday said that people were much worried about baseless rumours spread of a tsunami recently.

He also said that there is no mechanism for informing the magnitude of an earthquake ahead of its occurrence. The Minister pointed out that however, the Disaster Management Centre is capable now of providing information about an earthquake taking place in any part of the world, within a few minutes of its occurrence

The Director General of Met Department Mr. G.B. Samarasinghe said that if there was an earthquake in Indonesia the effect of it will be felt in Sri Lanka only after about two hours. However, Sri Lanka is now capable of informing about such an earthquake in a short period of five minuets.(niz)


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April 28, 2011 at 9:43 pm

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