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Census and Population 2011 commences today

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Census of Population and Housing in Sri Lanka was launched today (05) with Grama Niladaris affixing a Census label on each building throughout the Island. Accordingly Colombo Fort – Pettah Grama Niladari Chaminda Caldera listed President’s Official residence in Colombo, Fort as No 001.

The census enumeration of population and housing which commenced today, covering the whole island after a period of 30 years would give very valuable information on demographic and otehr related characteristics, useful to planners, policy makers, administrators, researchers and other data users

Sri Lanka has a long history of conducting census. The first scientific census has been conducted in 1871. Since then censuses have been conducted, once in ten years with certain exceptions. Last census was conducted in 1981. The census, which was scheduled for 1991, could not be conducted due to unrest in northern and eastern provinces. in 2001 the census enumeration was able to carry out completely in 18 administrative districts out of 25.

The geenral public could assist the Department of Census and Statistics by allowing Grama Niladari or any other authorized officer to affix the label either on the frame of the front door or in any other prominent place near the front door and by not removing it until the end of the year.

Reliability and accuracy of statistical data will depend entirely on the accuracy of the information provided by the general public.-


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