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Saudi Investor delighted by the hospitality of Sri Lankans

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A renowned Saudi Investor has expressed confidence that Sri Lanka will become an economic power soon and that he never felt so comfortable in a country immediately after arrival as he felt in Sri Lanka although he has visited so many countries in the world.

The investor Mr. Saad Abdul Ghani Al Shamrani who has made considerable investments in many countries is reported to be having many blueprints for investment in Sri Lanka has met President Mahinda Rajapaksa to discuss about his investment plans in the country

He has said that the lack of literature on the beauty and the investment opportunities available in Sri Lanka is a significant shortcoming and emphasised the need to make available relevant literature in Arabic as it could attract more investors from the Middle East to the island. He has praised the people and the hospitality available here and described these as something hard to beat.

Mr. Al Shamrani has commenced investment negotiations with several Sri Lankan firms and hopes to lure his business colleagues also to make use of the business potential available in Sri Lanka. He has visited Sri Lanka on an invitation extended to him by the Governor of the Western Province Mr. Alavi Moulana. (niz).


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January 1, 2011 at 6:42 pm

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