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“New” LTTE leader Vinayagam exposed as a “pretender”

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By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Vinayagam the new leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) based in Europe has been exposed as a “pretender”! Information has come to light that claims made by a senior tiger leader in Europe that he was “Colonel” Vinayagam the sea tiger commander are false.

The Vinayagam who has donned the mantle of LTTE leadership in Europe is not the well-known sea tiger Deputy – commander who was at one time third –ranking in sea tiger seniority to Special commander Soosai and commander Chezhiyan

Although the sea tiger leader Vinayagam had been reported killed in a battle at Challai in the Mullaitheevu district on February 4th 2009 the man who surfaced in Europe denied reports of his death and portrayed himself as the “real Mccoy”.

Vinayagam told LTTE circles in Europe that he had been sent to India on a special assignment to India by tiger intelligence chief Pottu Amman before the Mullivaaikkaal debacle and that reports of his death in battle were untrue

Vinayagam’s claim that he had made his way to a South –East Asian country from where he reached Europe was widely believed by LTTE circles who hailed the “resurrection” of Vinayagam as a singular achievement.

The apparent return to life of a senior LTTE leader reported dead served as a great morale booster to LTTE supporters and activists in the Global Tamil Diaspora.

Vinayagam entered into a strategic partnership with Perinbanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan who was in overall charge of LTTE branches abroad and has been engaged in efforts to revive tiger fortunes.

Details about Vinayagam’s role as the new LTTE leader were revealed extensively in a column written by me for the “Daily Mirror” of November 13th 2010 and subsequently posted on this blog. (

However, fresh information gathered from knowledgeable sources have exposed the fact that Vinayagam is not the senior sea tiger as he claimed to be.

The “pretender” whose nom de guerre in the LTTE is also Vinayagam belongs to the intelligence wing led by Pottu Amman and not the sea tigers led by Soosai.

While the sea tiger deputy commander Vinayagam had impaired vision in his left eye the “other” Vinayagam has perfect vision in both eyes.

According to information received by this correspondent the full name of the former sea tiger leader was Thangavelu Vinayagam . His communications codename was “Mike Four”.

The full name of the senior LTTE intelligence operative pretending to be the sea tiger leader is Sekarapillai Vinayagamoorthy. He also uses the alias Kathirgamathamby Arivazhagan.

Thangavelu Vinayagam alias Vinayagam ~ a.k.a “Mike Four” – Senior Sea Tiger Commander

Segarapaillai Vinayagamoorthy alais ~ Vinayagam ~ a.k.a Kathirgamathamby Arivalagan – Senior Intelligence Leader

Both persons were known as Vinayagam in the LTTE.(Pictures of both Vinayagams are published here)

The sequence of events leading to the current situation where Vinayagam of intelligence wing is pretending to be Vinayagam the sea tiger leader and the underlying reasons for this pretence will be exposed in detail in the “DBS Jeyaraj Column” of November 27th 2010 in the “Daily Mirror” and posted later on this blog. –


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