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Maintain ethnic ratio beyond Parliament – Muslims demand

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Sri Lankan polity has effectively ensured 8% Muslim MPs in Parliament in accordance with the ethnic ratio of the Muslim community. 18 Muslim MPs out of 225 is the loud and clear message sent to the Muslims that they cannot get more than their ratio. The question the Muslims now ask is whether the govt. will maintain this ratio on all aspects.Will the govt. provides state jobs, alienation state lands and admission to to universities etc etc based on this 8% ethnic ratio.

18 Muslims have entered the 7th Parliament. Of them 11 from UNP and 7 from UPFA. 8 MPs in the UNP are from SLMC which contested under the UNP. Out of 7 MPs from UPFA, 3 are from ACMC and 1 from NC. It is analysed that the UNP got 60 seats and out of them 11 are Muslim MPs whereas only 7 Muslim MPs are from the UPFA out of 144 seats. However, Muslim percentage in Parliament is maintained by 18 MPs, the analyses revealed

The UPFA’s non inclusion of few more Muslims have surprised many. NFF leader Wimal Weerawansa today reprimanded the UPFA general secretary Susil Premajayantha for not nominating Ex NFF MP Musammil through theUPFA national list. The ACMC which was confidentof a national list slot also was disappointed, according to political sources. Non inclusion of senior Muslim minister and former speaker M.H. Mohamed in the national list was another shock to many.”The Sinhala polity has ensured that the Muslim MPs should not exceed 18 in the Parliament where total number of MPs are 225. It may be from the ruling or opposition. Thiis is their criteria and this is a very loud and clear messagfe for the Muslim community”, said a political analyst. -PSM


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October 4, 2010 at 10:19 am

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