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Sri Lanka Army intelligence unit conducts an ‘operation’ at Slave Island Muslim mosques

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A group of officers of the Army intelligence unit has visited the mosques at Slave Island , Colombo and conducted a survey purportedly to elicit information about the Muslim visitors to the mosques and the mosque incumbents regarding the sources of income and their assets . The Muslim population of Slave Island following this episode are having strong suspicions that the mosques are also going to be demolished in the same way as their houses were sometime ago.

There are six Muslim mosques in Slave Island and Muslims are in a majority there Last Sunday , an Army officer, Dharmasiri and another of the Army intelligence unit have met the Muslims who are members of the mosque Boards and questioned , what type of Muslims attend mosques? How do the mosques receive funds? Do they receive foreign funds? What are the assets belonging to the mosques ? The ownership of the properties on which the mosques are situated and their extents have also been inquired into. These two officers have taken photographs of the mosques too. When the Mosque Board members have asked from the officers why so much questioning was being done , they have replied that they are doing an investigative survey to re structure the mosques. There are so many mosques which have been damaged due to the war. They must be re built

The mosque administrative Boards are having no difficulty to re structure their mosques or to conduct the mosque affairs , the officers had been told. These Army officers have appeared on the scene in civil attire. The administrative Boards of the mosques have informed Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe , Western province Governor Alavi Moulana and Muslim Congress leader Rauff Hakeem about the strange conduct of these Army officers.


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June 17, 2010 at 1:52 pm

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