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300 years old Mosque reopened After 20 years

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300 years old  Mosque  reopened After 20 years  Jaffna Grand Mosque reopened today Friday with jummah prayer  the jaffna Grand Mosque was Built in 1713 during the Dutch period in Jaffna Muslim College Road, this mosque was abandoned in October 1990 as the LTTE drove the Muslims away from the Northern Province. There are more than 20 Mosques in Jaffna

Although the Jaffna Peninsula was recaptured by the security forces in December 1995, the majority of Muslims driven away were reluctant to resettle there as the LTTE was active in other parts of the North and East.

After the LTTE leadership was decimated by the security forces last year, Muslims started to resettle  in their original places in the city and several mosques about 10 Mosques   including the Grand Mosque were renovated Accordingly the Grand Mosque the  the Grand Mosque opened today  Friday- with a special jummah sermon by As-Sheik M.J. Abdul Halik.

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May 28, 2010 at 6:28 pm

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