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Legal action for the evicting and the demolition

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A young child who was among the people at Slave Island whose homes were destroyed on the basis they were unauthorized structures is seen here in tears while speaking to the media today

Residents evicted from Slave Island in Colombo are in processing to take legal action against Urban Development Authority for evicting them from their abodes.

The residents say they had only three days notice to remove their belongings and find alternative places and their eviction had been carried out without an order from any court.

A group of Slave Island residents clashed with the police yesterday after authorities began removing unauthorized structures in the area. Many families were forced out of their homes with their belongings and the demolition of the structures took place despite the resident’s claim to having documents that prove their structures were legal.

UNP MP Sujeewa Serasinghe stated that the demolition was illegal as the residents had documentation which was issued between 1986 and 1987 that proved the houses and apartments were authorised constructions and that legal action is to be taken against the Urban Devolopment Authority (UDA) over the eviction.

Former Deputy Mayor of Colombo Azath Sally said the residents were given time to show their titlle deeds if any and only 4 out of 30 showed their title deed. They would be given alternative houses in the vicinity of Colombo, he added


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May 12, 2010 at 8:40 pm

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