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Convert Sara released on bail

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The Buddhist convert to Islam, Sara, alias Malani Perera who had written two books about her conversion from Buddhism to Islam and was in detention on the orders of the Defence Secretary from March 19  was released today on bail of Rs 5000 cash with two sureties for Rs 50,000 each  by the Colombo Additional Magistrate Mrs. Praharsha S. Ranasinghe

She was arrested allegedly for publishing a book deemed to defamatory  and offensive to  Buddhists. The Mirihana  Special Investigation Unit submitting a report in court submitted that the suspect was arrested on a complaint made by a courier service and on checking the suspect the police found that her identity card contained her name as Malani Perera and she was dressed like a Muslim. Consequently they arrested her conducted investigation after detaining her till April 19 at Mirihana Police  Station on the orders of Defense  Secretary.

The Officer said their investigations had revealed that she had written two books on Islam and investigated to identify whether she had any involvements with any terrorist movements. The investigations conducted so far had not revealed any such involvements and would not object to granting bail to her. More…


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April 21, 2010 at 8:07 pm

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