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First Halaal Conference and Exhibition 2010

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The Halaal industry in Sri Lanka has recorded a significant growth over the past few years and promises the same potential as an increasing number of businesses focus on Halaal certified products and services by All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama and more and more Muslims become conscious of their religious obligations. With the advent of such a crucial point in the trends of the local and worldwide consumers, UTO EduConsult (Pvt) Ltd is organized the inaugural Sri Lanka ‘Halaal’ Conference on February 16 Galadari Hotel in Colombo.

This pioneering event were designed to discuss the many aspects of the concept of Halaal. With a vital and key partnership with the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, the conference endeavour to bring about a better understanding of the Halaal concept, with expert speakers sharing their experiences on a wide range of topics. In addition, the platform also provided an opportunity to the suppliers of Halaal products and services to enhance their product visibility and to also share their insights and perspectives of the Halaal sector.

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama is the only acceptable Halaal Certifier in Sri Lanka, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama was established in 1924 with a handful of Ulama and with the pure intention of giving spiritual and temporal leadership to the Muslim Minority Community of Sri Lanka by assembling the Muslim Theologians all over the Island under an umbrella, and has been rendering its dedicated service to the community for the last eight decades.

Sri Lanka could be a hub for the Halaal industry in South Asia like Malaysia in the South East Asia region Tourism Promotion Minister Faizer Mustapha said. Speaking at the inaugural Halaal Conference and Exhibition 2010 at Galadari Hotel yesterday he said the concept of Halaal Tourism extends far beyond the hotel industry. Restaurateurs, transport providers, healthcare services, retailers and many other industries will benefit from the phenomenal growth that has been witnessed in this market segment.


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