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Two arrested and one surrendered on corpse removal case in Kattankudy

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The Kattankudy Police inquiring into the case of removing the buried corpse of a child from a grave in Shikaram village, in Kattankudy arrested two suspects and another suspect surrendered to the courts. Some people say the surrendered 40 years old Segar is a former member of the TMVP. The removal of the dead body was exclusively reported in the Muslim Guardian on 10th instant.

Muslim Guardian understands the background of this incident is the hatred towards the Muslims created on unfounded allegations among Tamils by some extraneous forces. It is said the people of Shikaram due the ethnic war that existed for nearly three decades, left their village in 1985 and were living in Kattankudy with their relations.

Though the tsunami in 2004 was cruel, it did create understandings among communities and with this understanding the Muslims of Shikaram went back and resettled in their own places. The problems cropped up when the Muslims of Shikaram village started burying the bodies in their burial ground in Shikaram village which was grown into a jungle during their absence.

The Tamils who had constructed a small temple about 150 metres away from this burial ground during the absence of the Muslims of this village, wanted them not to use the burial ground for burial having the temple in close proximity. The dead body of a Muslim was uprooted from the grave nearly three months ago and a solution was found with the reasonable elderly Tamil citizens knowing the history of this village who agreed to the Muslims burying the corpse there.

It is said the drama of removing corpse conducted by this gang with the blessing from a few chauvinists in the temple management was to prevent the Muslims using this burial ground. The Muslims of this village posses a clear deed for this burial ground. The timely intervention of the Senior Superintendent of Police, the superintendent of Police and the Officer in Charge of Kattankudy prevented a major rift between these two communities which have been getting closer and closer during the recent past.


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February 14, 2010 at 11:05 pm

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