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Do not allow communalism to raise its head again

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Do not use the media to promote  chauvinism, provoke communal tensions and create an environment in which riots could occur again, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing Editors and Heads of media institutions at Temple Trees yesterday evening. “Please use the media responsibly for the good of society,” he added. “Do not leave any room for terrorism to raise its head again in the country,” the President appealed to the media.

President Rajapaksa also observed that in the recent past certain media had given a bad example to the society by publishing rumours and false and defamatory stories. However, the election results show that the people have rejected not only these stories but also the entire methodology of these media outlets, he said. Even after the election certain media are trying to distort the election victory and create unrest in the country, the President alleged.

In spite of the clear verdict of the people they are trying to create a wrong impression abroad for political reasons, he added. Commenting on the election campaign, the President said it was only at this election he saw a candidate openly declaring his intention to imprison public servants and kill political opponents by shooting them at Galle Face Green.

Commenting on the elections results in the North, the President said he was satisfied that the people there had participated in a national election. “What is significant is that they have freely joined the democratic process,” the President said. “Terrorism was defeated only a few months ago and it will take some time for them to regain trust in the people in the South. The Government has released most of the LTTE cadres who were rehabilitated during the past six months and released them to their families. I would like to recall that the JVP cadres who took part in the 1971 insurrection were rehabilitated for three years before releasing them.”

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January 29, 2010 at 8:36 pm

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