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Jummah prayer today in Chavakachcheri after 20 years

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The Destroyed Chavakachcheri Jumma Mosque.

Around 61 Muslim males from Jaffna gathered at the Chavakachcheri Mohideen Jummah mosque after a lapse of 20 years to perform the Jammah (Friday) prayer today. Mowlavi Nilafdeen (Nulari) conducted the Kuthubah presentation (Friday sermon) and led the prayer inside the roofless Muhideen Jummah Masjid.

Following the Jummah prayer the mowlavi also conducted Salathul Kusuf (Eclipse Prayer) seeking protection from the almighty. The Muslims gathered at the Jummah prayer have requested all the Muslims in Sri Lanka to help jointly to rebuild all the mosques and Madarasas that are damaged and ruined due to the ethnic war that existed for nearly three decades.

The LTTE expelled the Muslims from the north after snatching away all their belongings in the year 1990 and they had been living in Puttalam, Kalpity, Anuradhapura and Kurunegala at welfare centres undergoing much difficulty since they were evicted from the north, says the muslimguardian


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January 15, 2010 at 5:03 pm

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