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Revival of Eastern LTTE wing, a govt. canard – Hakeem

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The “revival” of the LTTE in the East, was a government canard to create a fear psychosis among the people during the Presidential Election campaign, SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem said.

Addressing a public meeting in Thoppur, Trincomalee last week, he said that the so called “LTTE Group headed by Kones”, was none other than a combination of pro-government Tamil armed groups, that continued to terrorise the Eastern Province population.

“The re-grouping of the LTTE in such a short time, after its entire leadership had been wiped out is impossible,” Hakeem said. “The Rajapaksa regime claimed to have decimated the LTTE. It is now spreading a canard about the revival of the organisation in the East, to create a fear psychosis among the people during the Presidential Election campaign.”

The 5,000 eastern LTTE cadres referred to by the Rajapaksa administration, he said actually belonged to armed Tamil groups supportive of the government and were in no way part of the “imaginary LTTE Eastern wing.”

Hakeem said that the Muslims and Tamils would vote for General Sarath Fonseka at the forthcoming Presidential polls, since they have been given a raw deal by the Rajapaksa administration.

“The problems faced by the Tamils and Muslims, have not been addressed, even seven months after the war had ended. Instead, the government is trying to sell the war to win the Presidential Election,”he said. “But the masses have had enough of broken promises. They will ensure General Fonseka’s victory on January 26.”

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December 25, 2009 at 12:45 am

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