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Trying to split All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulema

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The Muslim scholars of the All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulema Association when discussing with the General Sarath Fonseka alleged that those politicians who are with the Govt. are averse to their association with the General are trying to split the membership of the Jammiyathul Ulema Association and take some of them away to form a new Association.

According to All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulema  this is  not a political organization and any person could visit them at any moment. He had also pointed out that they had tried to get an appointment from the President for three months but they had been denied the opportunity.  the Govt.’s Western province governor, Alavi Moulana and Presidential advisor M.H.M.Azwer have met several of their members and advised them to start a new Jammiyathul Ulema Organization.The present Jammiyathul Ulema Association is over 100 years old. This Association is free and steers clear of politics. The Ulemas had invited the General in much the same way as they invite other Buddhist prelates and clergy of other religions for meetings. A Muslim scholars said, at the meeting with the General, no politics was discussed.

Fonseka,  visited on 10/12/2009 the Jamiyathul Ulema association Headquarters at Orabi Pasha street, Maradana and met Muslim scholars
The General had told them that he would ensure that every right conferred on the Muslim people by the constitution shall be protected. He will also introduce measures to implement all what they are entitled to under the constitution by eliminating the snags, if any exists.

he said Some Muslim Leaders are trying to paint a wrong picture that he a Racist, but he has never been a communalist. His father was a teacher and his first appointment was in an Akkaraipattu School. He too obtained his early education at Akkaraipattu, the General pointed out

But some source says When President heard that Gen. Fonseka had visited All Ceylon Lamiyathul Ulama he had informed the organization that he could meet them at Temple trees yesterday (11th) at 4.00 p.m. However, Muslim religious leaders have rejected the invitation.

should be pointed  out that after the war victory, about 2000 Ulemas were invited to the Temple Trees by the President. On that occasion the Ulemas have paid tribute to the President and the Armed Forces while also handing over the monies collected from the Muslim Businessmen to the Armed Forces Fund.


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December 12, 2009 at 10:50 pm

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  1. We shoild pary almighty Allah to protect All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulema from divisions


    December 15, 2009 at 12:54 pm

  2. subuhanallah – Allah is Great

    Ansar -Col

    December 15, 2009 at 12:58 pm

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