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Elephants damage houses and destroy plantation in Kalmunai

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Severe prolonged drought experienced in the Ampara district this year has caused large number of tanks to dry-out and the plantations dry-up. Deadly mammals like the crocodiles and the elephants that had their habitats as water tanks and forests have now started to move out encroaching areas where the people have their habitats.

Crocodiles were caught in three places in Natpiddimunai, Manatchenai and Maruthamunai within the Kalmunai Municipal areas recently. A herd of elephants that had entered the residential area of Kalmunai which is miles away from the forest damaged houses close to the irrigation channel and destroyed small plantations adjoining these houses last night.

On an earlier occasion too elephants entered this area and damaged a house and destroyed plantations. People here are worried and fear to sleep in their houses. Though it was feared the continuous failure of rain and the prolonging drought might cause further damages by way of wild elephants, the rain that was experienced last night has brought some sort of relief and consolation to the people here.

By: S.L.A. Azeez and U.M. Ishark


NOTE  Last three days heavy shower reported in Eastern Province

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October 30, 2009 at 11:12 am

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