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Indian MPs report – Omission of expelled Muslims irks

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Muslims in  Sri Lanka and South India have expressed their serious concern on the report of Souht Indian MPs made after their visit to Sri Lanka last week. This report has made no reference to the 20 years old expelled Mulsim refugees from the North despite the MPs being briefed on the plight of these Muslim refugees. This fatal omission of another victimised community has made the report, a biased report, lamented a senior member of the expelled Muslim refugees in Puttalam. “The Indian MPs failed to visit the expelled refugees in their camps in Puttalam despite repeated requests. Now they have failed to make reference to them in their report. This proves their partisian approach”, he added.

The visiting South Indian MPs visited refugee camps in Vanni during their 5 days stay in Sri Lanka. They also visited the hill country and met people of Indian origins. Thier visit to the Eastern province was cancelled due to political reason. They were met by representatives of the Muslim community including an SLMC delegation led by its leader Rauff Hakeem. ACMC leader and Minister Rishad badi ud din also had meeting with them with expelled Muslims from Northern province.

These leaders have appraised them of the plight of forcibly evicted Muslims in 1990 by the LTTE. Minster Rishad himself is one of the expelled Muslim refugees. They requested the delegation to visit the refugee camps of expelled Muslims in Puttalam. This could not be made due to the tight schedule of the delegation, some diplomatic sources said.

Sources of the All Indian Muslim League, Soth Indian branch also expressed shock on the omission of reference to the expelled Northern Muslims bythe South Indian MPs.



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October 18, 2009 at 3:06 pm

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