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Islamic rulers then, a lesson for present day politicians

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Once Kalif Abbobuckar  Siddeque (R.A.) was served with ‘Halva’ a favourite sweetmeat in the Middle East. The Kalif inquired about the source of the unusual dish for which his wife replied that she had a longing for ‘Halva’ for a long time, for which she saved from the Baithulmal allowance for months and prepared the food. Said the Kalif, “We are not expected to eat luxury food from the Baithulmal fund and immediately ordered the treasury (Baithulmal) to reduce his allowance equivalent to the money saved for the “Halva’.

Kalif Omer Ibnu Abdula Azeez was engaged in conversation with a visitor one evening. Suddenly the Kalif blew out the oil lamp and lit another one in its place. The surprised visitor inquired about the reason for the Kalif’s action. The Kalif replied promptly that “so long as we were engaged on discussing state matter I used the lamp and oil provided by the Baithulmal, when the conversation changed to private matter I have no right to use state property” and pointing to the lit lamp he said, “This is my private property.

S. I. M. Khaleel,
Retd. Health Education Officer,
Retd. Quazi.

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