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Preparations to arrest Chandrika on war crime charges

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The International Human  rights Organization is preparing to arrest former President Chandrika Bandaranaike in a foreign country on international war crime charges, according to reports received by ‘Lanka-e-news’.

The main reason for this is the obstacle militating against the arrest of the President in power for international war crime charges, and the absence of such immunity protecting an Ex President.

‘Lanka-e-news’ is informed that this Human rights Organization has prepared an affidavit comprising 231 charges based on the war crimes and violations committed during the period of the former President Chandrika which can be taken before the International law.

Upon inquiries made by the ‘Lanka-e-news’ from an International law expert Attorney at law Asanga Welikala on the actions available for war crime charges under the International law against a an Ex leader or the current leader of a country, he stated, the chances are slim against the leader in power. But, Such actions are possible only when based on the UN security Council decisions

He cited as an example the arrest of the leader of Liberia for war crimes committed during his period based on the decision of the UN human rights security Council., adding that under the laws of some countries these actions can only be taken against leaders remaining in those countries. Actions by Belgium against leaders of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Sierra Leone were unsuccessful. However, the leader of Spain who was outside was arrested.

He also stated that no such action can be taken against the Leaders who have arrived in America to attend the UN assembly. The authority of the US does not extend to the UN Organization.

In any case, Sri Lanka has not been signatories to agreements on International war crime charges, and therefore if the arrests are to be made of the Ex President or the present President on these war crime charges, they must be a result of the admixture of international politics and laws, he pointed out.


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September 28, 2009 at 5:46 am

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