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Abducted President of Eastern Province Mosques Federation Released

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Moulavi S.L.M.  Haneefa the President of Eastern Province Mosque Federation, the secretary of Ampara district Muslim Peace Secretariat and the President of Muslim Assembly for National Unity was abducted from his business establishment by an armed gang in a van last week and later released by them.

The armed gang after threatening and beating up one of his employees, who camp to rescue the moulalvi, abducted him in a white van without a number plate. The abducted moulavi said that an armed gang went to his business establishment told ‘sir wanted to meet him’ and asked him to accompany the gang in the van.

The moulavi refused to go with them as he did not know who their ‘sir’ was, later forced into the van by the gang that took him away. He said he was taken to the circuit bungalow of the ministry of water supply and drainage in Akkaraipattu where Minister Athaullah was and the moulavi could guess who the gang was referring to as ‘sir’ after seeing the minister there. According to moulavi Haneefa, minister Athulla had questioned about various things not relevant to him in a manner threatening for which he replied that he did not know. The moulavi said on hearing the news of his abduction by the gang of minister Athullah, his family members led by his son rushed to the circuit bungalow to rescue him. He had lodged a complaint at the Akkaraipattu Police with regard to this occurrence.Many organisations like Akkaraipattu Jamiethul Ulema and Ulema party vehemently opposed to this and condemned this as an act against democracy. Meanwhile minister Athullah had said those who had close links with the terrorists were releasing stories against him.

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September 25, 2009 at 5:20 pm

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