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President falls from chair at literary awards ceremony

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The President who  was the Chief guest at a State literary awards ceremony at the President’s Secretariat today (14) fell down from the chair that was assigned to him due to a fault in the chair. The President a little while later left the venue without addressing the gathering.

The ceremony commenced at 10.35 this morning at the Secretariat. The President however arrived at 11.25 a.m. Deputy Minister of Justice V. Puthrasigamany had by that time has distributed a number of awards and certificates to the recipients.

The president who sat in a revolving chair fell down as it slid . The President who was offered a chair by a Minister who was seated close by. But, the President said something resentfully to the Minister . Although the Security Division provided him with a chair , he did not sit on that chair.

Cultural and National Heritage Deputy Minister and President then took the stage , while President was asked to take the center stage. Though the President was requested to move to the replaced chair by the Minsiter , the President ignored this , and went forward beside that chair to hand over the lifetime ‘Sahitya Ratne ‘ award to Dr. Tissa Kariyawasam , Dr .Kandiah Kunarasa and Dr. Ashley Herath.

But, when the names of the next awardees were being called , the President walked past the awardees wishing them , and left the premises without informing.

According to an invitee , the President’s disappointment was writ large on his face when he was leaving without addressing the gathering .

Wannier Udayanan and Mrs. Sunethra Rajakarunanayake were also among the awardees at the occasion.



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September 14, 2009 at 6:26 pm

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