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FCE does it again

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The Foundation for Co-existence (FCE) in its daily security report of 27th August, 2009 reported that the Muslims living in Upparu for generations and evicted by the LTTE more than 24 years ago do not possess deeds/permits for their lands, National Identity Cards/Army Identity Cards and/or Certificate of Displacement, which according to MIC – Sri Lanka is totally wrong.

When MIC – Sri Lanka pointed out this error, the FCE made correction to it on its report of 28.8.2009. On an earlier occasion too, the MIC – Sri Lanka had pointed out the same type of mistake to the FCE in its report to say that National flags were not hoisted in Muslim areas of Kalmunai during the period government was rejoicing the victory over the LTTE and this was corrected later on with an apology to the MIC – Sri Lanka.

The FCE is a very big organization working in Sri Lanka since 2002 with an intention of creating peace and co-existence among the different ethnic communities that are living here. MIC – Sri Lanka also an organisation working towards achieving this goal feels that this type of error on reporting will lead to misunderstandings that would create hatred among communities, detrimental to the vision and mission of FCE.

(Source – MIC)


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