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“Muslims should be treated as equal” – A.M.Naoshaad MP

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“President states that Sri Lanka is one nation and all Sri Lankans are equal and there are no minorities. If that is so, the Muslim community also should be equal to other communities and they should not be discriminated. This is the fair aspiration of the Muslims” said Hon. A.M. Naoshaad MP speaking at an event organized by Dr. N.M.  Perera’s trust fund in Colombo recently.

Speaking further Mr. Naoshaad said that the Muslim community was discriminated by the national majority and hunted by the regional majority. This is the history since Independence. When the North and East were merged, they were made minorities. In the 2000 draft Constitution President Chandrika Bandaranaika Kumararunga recognized Sri Lanka as a nation with plural societies. Unfortunately, it was burnt in Parliament while late Leader Ashraff was talking on that debate in Parliament. When the CFA was signed the Muslims were treated as a group. A solution must be found to satisfy the aspirations of all communities in the line of President’s formula that all communities are equal.

APRC Chairman and Minister Tissa Vitharana, Dr. Ravindrakumar and Dr. Geetha Pongalan of Colombo University, PLOTE Leader Dharmalingam Siddharthan and Attorney at Law MR. K.Neelakandan also participated at this event



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August 26, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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